We are a small outreach for people seeking recovery from addictions in their lives.

We will inspire you to change.

Walk beside you through the challenges.

Encourage you in the dark places,

And lift you up to new life.

Chain Breakin’ Recovery – Our Vision

Addiction is a significant concern in society today. Addiction to methamphetamine, alcohol, marijuana, opioids, and other drugs ruins lives and leaves one longing for a place of safety and solace. As a delivered addict, I remember numerous occasions when I felt lost and hopeless. One time in particular, in the middle of my addiction, I sat in front of a computer, desperately scrolling through various sites searching for a program that could help me without costing me thousands of dollars. I also remember sitting in a church parking lot, hoping someone would help me deal with my addiction. While I did get the help I needed, I realized that the story is not the same for everyone struggling with addiction. 

From my experience, I now know that there is a need to establish a place where those struggling with addiction can feel safe, loved, and supported, regardless of their mistakes. God gave me a vision that this place would be called the Now Place. The Now Place would be a place of solace where addicts can come when they know they need help immediately. The Now Place would be a place for people who feel that waiting could be too late for them. It would be a place where lives could be rescued and changed forever. It is a safe and loving space where we love you with no reservations and ask no questions. Our only desire is to help you work through your addiction as we show you the love of Christ. 

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